Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical analysis reveals the condition and makeup of your materials with macro, micro and SEM examinations. These analyses reveal microstructure, processes performed on the material during manufacture and whether or not the materials meet the required specification(s) to ensure durability in the intended use.


By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, advanced polishing techniques and expert experience, MTT's metallurgical lab staff can get you the images and data you need.


We are experienced in classical techniques of metallography, as well as the latest preparation methods. Our advanced polishing techniques also allow us to prepare and analyze challenging materials and samples. See our specialty preparation list below.


Metallurgical Evaluations & Metallography Services

Alpha Case


Case Depth

Coatings Evaluations

Coating Thickness

Depth of Decarburization

Determination of Delta Ferrite Content

Determination of Volume Fraction by Point Count

Effective Case Depth

Grain Size

Inclusion Content/Rating

Intergranular Attack/IGA

Intergranular Oxidation/IGO

Light Microscopy - Macro, Micro & SEM Photography

Microhardness ( Vickers)


Particle Analysis (Distribution, ID, Size)

Plating Evaluations

Plating Thickness

Porosity of Metals, Ceramics & Composites

Austenitic Grain Boundary Determination

Quantitative Image Analysis

SEM Analysis

Surface Evaluation (Dubpernell Active Site Test ASTM B456 Appx 4)

Surface Topography

Thermal Spray Coating Analysis

Titanium Beta Transus Determination

Weld Qualification & Testing