Mechanical Property

Measuring the physical properties of parts and raw materials can help you determine their durability and give you insight into how they will perform.  Improper machining, wrong material selection and exposure can all affect your materials and potentially cause costly failures and recalls.


MTT's mechanical testing group offers a wide range of testing to evaluate metals, polymers, composites and finished products.  From routine tensile testing to multi-stage fatigue programs, we are equipped to provide the answers you need. Most testing is completed in three days or less for routine tensiles, hardness and charpy impact testing.




Adhesion (Peel) Testing

Bend Testing

Bend Strength Testing 

Coating Adhesion

Coating Shear Fatigue

Composite Testing (Fiber Reinforced)

Compressive Properties

Creep Testing

Elastic Modulus

Fatigue Testing

Fracture Mechanics

Hardness (Rockwell, Brinell, Durometer, Shore, Barcol, Knoop, Vickers, Macro Vickers)

Hydrogen Embrittlement 

Indentation Toughness

Interlaminar Shear

Impact Testing

Lap Shear Testing

Pipe Testing

Shear Testing of Rivets to ASTM B565, Single/Double

Short Beam Strength

Stress Rupture Testing

Surface Roughness

Tensile Testing