High Polymer Material Failure Analyisis


Polymers, fiber-reinforced composites and ceramics are present in nearly everything around us. These durable, lightweight engineered materials are gaining ground because of the wide range of properties they offer. Nonmetallics can be engineered to meet any number of specific applications including heat and flame resistance, flexibility, durability and chemical resistance versus traditional metallic materials.


MTT Test Labs can provide analyses on new materials, support your R&D efforts, provide production control testing and comparative analyses.


2.Service object

Polymer materials manufacturers: in-depth product failure may cause the design, production, process, storage, transportation and so on stage, explore its failure mechanism, to improve product yield and provide basis for optimizing production processes.

Assembly plant: responsibility for arbitration; Improve assembly process; To help suppliers terms of the quality of incoming material inspection.

Distributors or agents, to provide favorable evidence for the quality responsibility, the responsibility for justice.

The machine user: improve product technology and reliability, improve the core competitiveness.


3.Produce benefit

1) It can find out fundamental failure reasons for polymer material, and effectively propose improving suggestions for products design and process;

2) It can provide improving suggestions for products and process; improve products yield and reliability as well as enhance product competitiveness;

3) It can clearly confirm the responsible party of product failure and provide the basis for the judicial arbitration.


4.Failure Analyisis of High Polymer Material

Fracture, cracking, corrosion, stratification, bubble, coating shedding, discoloration, abrasion failure etc.


American Airlines American Airlines
Discolor failure of Plastic frame Cracking failure of plastic connector
American Airlines American Airlines
IC delamination failure Shedding failure of multilayer ink
American Airlines  
Fracture failure of elevator button PC frame  


5.Common failure analysis technology

Material component analysis

Microscopic Fourier transform infrared spectrum analysis(FTIR)

Microscopic confocal Raman spectrometer(Raman)

Scanning electron microscopy and energy spectrum analysis(SEM/EDS)

X-ray fluorescence spectrum analysis(XRF)

Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry instrument(GC-MS)

Pyrolysis gas chromatography - mass spectrometry(PGC-MS)

Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis(NMR)

Auger electron energy spectrum analysis(AES)

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis(XPS)

X-ray diffractometer(XRD)

Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry(TOF-SIMS)


American Airlines American Airlines
American Airlines American Airlines


Material thermal analysis

Differential scanning calorimeter method

Thermogravimetric analysis

Thermal mechanical analysis

The dynamic thermal mechanical analysis


Material pyrolysis analysis

Gel permeation chromatography analysis

Melt index test


The material fracture analysis

Asana microscope

Scanning electron microscopy analysis


The physical properties of material test

The tensile strength, bending strength, etc


Failure emersion/verification