When parts or equipment fail, you need accurate answers quickly to get solutions in place. Every day you wait for answers, it costs you money and potentially your company's valuable reputation.      MTT Labs should be your first call for your next root cause failure analysis. We are fast. We are experienced. We are knowledgeable. We are trained and well equipped to tackle your failure analysis needs from simple fractures to complex litigation cases.     MTT has extensive failure analysis capabilities covering metals, polymers and composites, welds, coatings, finished products and more. Our failure analysis experts have performed thousands of root cause analyses and have experience with a wide range of failure modes, materials and industries.

Metal Failure Analysis

With the rapid development of science and industry, the quality requirements become more and more important to people.


Meixin materials

In the process of aviation manufacturing development, the replacement of materials presents a high-speed change transformation, materials and aircraft have been driven by each other continue to develop. "Generation of materials, generation of aircraft" is a true portrayal of the history of world aviation. Since the 21st century, the development of the aerospace industry has entered a new stage, which will promote the development of aerospace materials towards higher quality, category renewal, more functional and more cost-effective.